Milking Clusters

Harmony Cluster

Low-weight and high performance

HarmonyTM offers comfort to the cow and milker. It incorporates lightweight shells with a patented TopFlow technology claw. Harmony™ features will optimally meet the needs of the highest producing cows or producers milking less than 12 hours a day.


Combines traditional, reliable technology with stainless steel shells

The DeLaval milking cluster MC11 is a well-proven, simple, and low-cost combination providing efficient milking on most cow breeds. MC11 is a good choice for producers milking less than eight hours a day or with an annual production of less than 8,000 kg per lactation.


An all round cluster for fast, efficient milking

DeLaval milking cluster MC31 will meet the demands of producers milking less than ten hours a day or with cows producing less than 12,000 kg per lactation. It handles higher milk flows than most other clusters by utilizing a bottom unloading design. A 250 ml claw features a big milk outlet to handle high milk flows efficiently and safely, minimizing unwanted cross-flows and milk plugs. Vacuum fluctuations are reduced under high milk flows by 12 mm claw milk inlets.


A durable and proven design to handle fast milk flows

The DeLaval milking cluster MC53 is engineered to handle the highest producing cows. It is ideally suited to milking less than twelve hours a day. It is designed to offer milker and cow comfort. MC53 combines stainless steel shells with a patented TF (Top-Flow) technology claw and helps reduce vacuum fluctuations at high milk flows


Reliable hour after hour, day after day

DeLaval milking cluster MC73 handles continuous operation. This heavy-duty cluster incorporates our patented TF (Top-Flow) technology and nipple-less design to handle extreme milk flows with minimal vacuum fluctuations. The innovative claw shape prioritizes milking comfort for the milker, with maximum milk production efficiency and performance.


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