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A System Approach


DelPro: Our Products
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Animal Welfare

Healthy cows are the key to any dairy farm. DelPro records and analyses data from every cow to provide you with accurate, reliable and timely information on the wellbeing of every cow to help you make decisions that result in superior animal health, reproduction, and longevity.

Products We Offer

Flow Indicator Fi7

Flow Indicator (Fi7)

Offers good indication in milk recording and is built in a moisture-resistant, robust package. This unit uses infrared technology which ensures no direct contact with the milk. DeLaval FI7 is compact body measuring 6 x 7 cm, yet with its clear, large digital display, it is easy to read.

Milk Point Controller

Milking Point Controller (MPC)

With the robust DeLaval MPC680, you interact with DelPrO™ herd management system from the parlor. Relevant attentions are indicated by colored LED displays, to alert the operator immediately when action is required. The left key-pad controls the milking point, remote-controls any DeLaval MPC580 and operates the gates. The right key-pad is dedicated to communicating with the DelPro database. You can install DeLaval MPC680 at all milking points, or at selected points for full control of DeLaval MPC580.

DeLaval Activity Meter

Activity Meters

DelPro BioModels turn the behavior of each animal into knowledge. Knowing the status of each animal empowers you to achieve your reproduction targets by identifying cows in heat. Finding sick cows will also ensure you maintain high standards of animal welfare. With DeLaval Activity Meters you are monitoring your cows, even when you are not there.
DelPro uses data recorded by Activity Meters to carry out advanced statistical analysis of her movement during the day and compares her current movement with what was expected of her. This BioModel is used to predict her heat status giving you accurate heat-status for every cow. In addition, whilst knowing her current movement status we can also predict the health status. A decreased movement indicates potential health issue.

Body Condition Score Camera

Body Condition Score Camera (BSC)

Consistent, accurate monitoring of every cow’s body condition score is key to the timely adjustment of your feeding strategy. It is the key that unlocks consistent, reliable productivity, longevity, and reproduction results. With the addition of a DeLaval body condition scoring BCS, you are able to automatically record accurate, consistent body condition scores for every cow, every milking, and every day. This 3D mapping technology generates the data that when analyzed using another of the exclusive DelPro BioModels is able to alert you instantly to changes in condition before they are even visible, allowing you to act faster to prevent future problems.

DelPro: Our Products
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