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DeLavl Cow mattress M45R

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Cow Mattress


Like humans, cows need to maintain natural behavior and be comfortable to act in the best way each day. A cow will choose to stand if lying down is too painful. When a heavy cow lies down her front knees support her enormous weight. If she feels uncomfortable when lying down she will also change her natural behavior cycle. This can result in decreased feed and water intake followed by less milk production with less resulting profit. After all, how would you react if you had to sleep on a hard surface each day? DeLaval cow mat RM30F keeps your cows comfortable when they are lying down or rising up. Whether they are kept in a tied up stand or loose housing cubicle barn, the mat helps cows to continue to act naturally and produce top milk yield


Cows feel comfortable when they can follow their natural behavior. If a cow can't move freely and rest properly, the blood flow in the udder deteriorates and feed utilization suffers – resulting in poorer milk yield. DeLaval cow mattress M45R encourages your cows to behave naturally by removing painful pressure on the carpal joints, allowing them to lie down and get up whenever they want. This freedom of movement improves comfort and longevity and makes your cows more productive


Resting is one of the key elements within a dairy barn. Cows have to lie down for more than 12 hours in order to perform on their best. When cows are lying down they do not only rest their legs but also more blood flows through the udder, resulting in higher milk yield. DeLaval CR20 is a cubicle mat on a roll with big studs underneath to ensure good comfort. It is easy to mount and the good slip resistance, even in wet conditions, ensures excellent grip so cows can stand up and lie down without effort. With the right amount of bedding material on top to absorb moisture and dirt, this seamless solution keeps your daily maintenance work to a minimum. The Cr20 is available in different sizes and is suitable for adult cows, young stock, and heifers.

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